STOP - Don't Play Another Slot Machine
Until You Have Read This Important Notice:
LAS VEGAS, Nevada - A laid off casino worker is about to "blow the lid off"
of the gaming industry after being fired from a large, well-known casino for
winning too much!

Here in an exclusive interview, Bob DeLeon reveals inside secrets that
casinos everywhere have kept hidden from the general public for years.
"I'm tired of seeing casinos rip-off hard working people while getting richer and richer
at the player's expense," Mr. DeLeon fumed to Winning Times reporter, Ted

"So I have decided to go public and reveal all of the inside secrets I have learned
over the past 20 years as a Slot Machine Technician. I have spent countless hours
working and playing on these one-armed-bandits and I know what makes them tick."
The 59-year-old father of 4 children was
recently laid-off from his job of 20 years
after he started winning "too many jackpots."

Apparently, casino Managers didn't like
Mr. DeLeon playing their Slot Machines
because he won almost every time he

"I was winning more money in a week than I
made in a whole entire year," claims
DeLeon, "and they knew I had figured out the
secrets behind their money-making
Bob Shows You
How To Hit
In retaliation, the casino bosses laid him off "indefinitely" because they said business
was slow. That was almost two years ago and since then Mr. DeLeon has prepared a
book filled with all his "secret knowledge."

Now he is going public with his inside information and that has casino owners
worried about their precious Slot Machines."Bob used to work for me years ago and
he knows all there is to these machines," says Barry Stevenson, a spokesman for The
Desert Rose Casino.

In a recent interview with The Winning Times he also stated; "If this information gets
out, I'm afraid the gaming industry is going to lose an awful lot of money as a result."
Now, for a limited time only, Bob DeLeon is making his
book: "SLOT SECRETS Casinos Don't Want You To
Know" available to players everywhere. Yes, for the very
first time ever, you have the golden opportunity to learn
the real truth on how to win HUGE JACKPOTS
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Here's more of what Mr. DeLeon had to
say about his incredible Slot Secrets
"I have come up with the best Slot
Systems in the country. I know it, casino
owners know it and gaming officials all
across the nation know it...and there's
absolutely nothing they can do about it

Now that I no longer work for these
thieves, I can expose their scams and
con games so the American public will
finally know the real truth behind casinos
and their #1 money-maker:
The Slot Machines!
Bob DeLeon is
After 20 years of working on these
complex machines - and by reading
every manual I could get my hands on - I figured out by trial & error, 6 different
Winning Slot Machine Systems that will work for anyone - in any casino!
For several months , I tested and tested each one of these techniques again & again
until I perfected everyone of them. In fact, over the past two years I can't tell you how
many jackpots I've won as a result of using these secret techniques - but I can tell
you that my personal profits from using these inside secrets are getting close to 1
Million Dollars!!!"*

"Now I wish to share my Winning Slot Systems with anyone who wants to hit the
JACKPOT again & again. I'm looking for at least 500 average players who want to
win anywhere between $1,000 and $25,000 playing Slot Machines. My aim is to
back at all the casinos that have been stealing the American publics money year after
year and robbing honest people blind!
Winning Secrets Finally Revealed
If you're the type of player I'm looking for,
you walk into every casino, riverboat or
game parlor brimming with confidence
that you're going to Win Big...only to be
let down and disappointed.

After a couple of hours of losing, you get
frustrated and leave the casino flat broke.

Well, I'm here to tell you that it doesn't
have to be this way - I can and will show
you how to leave any casino with your
pockets crammed full of cash!
But first you MUST forget everything
you've been told about playing Slot how it's impossible to
win large amounts of money you never hit huge
Jackpots unless you're just lucky...or,
how there's no such thing as a 'loose
Slot Machine'...because starting right
now you are going to learn all there is to
playing and beating any
casino Slot Machine."

"All in complete detail, I will tell you which
casinos to visit, the type of machines you
should play and how to leave a Big

You will learn the real truth behind how
casino Slot Machines are set up, how
their odds are calculated and how to
spot 'loose machines' in
any casino.

With my inside secrets you will also learn
how to zero in on winning machines that
most people tend not to pick. And by
following my unique methods, I'll show
you how to win $1,000's per month by
just playing Slot Machines!

You can bank on my Secret Slot
Systems because I know their internal
secrets. I know how to legally manipulate
them without breaking any rules. I know
the best times you should play and I
know when you should take your money
and run!
Okay, now I have to brag a little. I hope
you don't mind. I feel this is necessary in
order to prove to you that I have truly
discovered something here (and to
convince you to send for my exclusive
book right away).

I have won so much money from playing
the slots that I no longer really have to
work - but I do only because my
accountant says to for tax reasons. So
once or twice a week I manage to work
maybe a couple of hours here and there.

The rest of the time I basically do what I
want, when I want.
YES - I'm Living The Good Life By Playing Slot Machines
I have one of the easiest lives you could imagine. My wife & I take exotic trips
whenever we want, we live in a $300,000 home that's almost paid for, and we drive
beautiful cars (she has a Mercedes and I have a BMW, see photos below). And I did
all of this with the same Secret Slot Systems I will send you!
In 2010, using my systems, I won money playing Slot Machines in 48 out of 50
casinos I visited. My jackpots have ranged anywhere from $500 to over $80,000.00
at a time!* So as you can see, I know what I'm talking about!
Win Substantial Sums of Money
And best of all, I will show you how I did it using the SLOT SECRETS Casinos Don't
Want You To Know. It's really as easy as I say it is. You could win $500 to $2,500 per
month, or you could win $25,000 or more - it's totally up to you!*

It doesn't matter if you're a professional gambler or someone who has never played
a Slot Machine in your life - because you will be able to learn these secret methods
with ease and use them the very first time you play.

Just read my manual and follow the instructions - that's it! Even though it's under 30
pages, it explains exactly what to do in complete detail and you can start using it the
same day it arrives! And since there are so many casinos, it doesn't matter how
many people use it because there's more than enough money for everyone to win!
"Before I sent for your book, I was
skeptical to say the least - but
seeing is believing and now
I am living the good life...
thanks to you!"
 Crystal Barr
So how much money can you expect to win? What I expect to happen to you (once
you get my Secret Slot manual in your hands) is this: the first time you visit a casino
and play a Slot Machine using my techniques, you should win anywhere between
$500 to $1,500* depending on the type of machine you select.

On the second visit you should cash in anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500 - the third
visit between $2,500 to $3,500 and by the fourth visit you should be winning up to
$4,000 and possibly much more!*

Now I can't promise everyone who reads my Secret Slot book will have the same
results that I have had, but you may do much better. Who knows, you might even
become the next Slot Machine MILLIONAIRE!

However - make no mistake about it - without my manual at your fingertips, you don't
stand a chance at beating the casinos at their con-games. So before you take a trip
to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Shreveport or any other gambling town, be sure you have
read SLOT SECRETS Casinos Don't Want You To Know first!
Here's a bet you can't lose:

Go ahead and try my Secret Slot Systems out for the next
few months. Try them out for 6 months if you like. If at
anytime during this Risk-Free Trial Period you don't win at
least $1,000.00 after using these secret methods - simply
return the book and get your money back!*

"Bob DeLeon revealed to me his
Secret Slot Systems and after using
them for only 15 minutes...
$25,000 CASH!"
Marcia Rhodes
The only reason I won't send it to you and bill you later or ship it to you C.O.D is
because both of these methods involve more time & money. And besides, I'm
already giving you the biggest bargain of your life by revealing to you what has taken
me several years to perfect!

For less than a Buffet Dinner for 2 at most casinos, you could be on your way to
winning $1,000's of dollars playing their precious Slot Machines. All you have to do is
send for my manual and I will reveal how you can get richer on your next trip!
I know you're skeptical. After all, what I'm
saying here is probably contrary to what
you've heard in the past from your
friends, family and anyone else who has
played slots. But, let me ask you this:
How many of them have won several
thousands of dollars?

So the choice is up to you - in less than
30 days from now you can be a month
older, or you could be on your way to
striking it RICH! You decide!"

Casinos Don't Want You To Know
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